Search Engine Marketing

A large part of SEM is based on what your user is searching for and where your user goes to be able to serve your advertisement just at the right time and the right place to drive conversions. While most people know how to place an ad, very few understand what the user is looking for and where he/she is going to be. We at dy study the behavior patterns of users across categories to be able make that assumption a success.

Social Media Marketing

We believe in the power of orchestrating conversations and conversions using the brilliance of social media marketing. Our processes of understanding and predicting social media content help us create content and design have proven to create exponential growth in conversion. We not only execute hyper targeted content with your media budget, but strive to decrease the cost per engagement by creating great content. We strategize, execute and manage across platforms.

User Experience Design

How do you beat the average 2-5% conversion rate on a website? How do you make your platform a habit for the consumer? How do you ensure an experience that feels intuitive to the user? Our unique processes use design thinking and ethnographic techniques to truly understand and empathies with our user to be able to create an experience that feels intuitive. Some of the websites we have created have had a drop-off rate as low as 20%, and an average time spent of 5 minutes. We owe it to the user experience design.

User Interface Design

Why is the Apple website so easy to navigate? Or why is WhatsApp so easily usable across target groups? It is because of a well-designed User Interface (UI). Our research allows us to design & adapt interaction principles that the users are comfortable with. We focus upon each element of the visual design, whether images, content, or buttons, to ensure a seamless integration with the designed UX. We have managed to achieve high page ranks because of the seamlessness and heightened usability on our platforms.